Exo-Hand Project

Robotic Rehabilitation for Stroke Survivors


Speed up your rehabilitation

The ExoHand that helps the rehabilitation of patients who have had a stroke or any other disease that has left them with some degree of disability in their hand.

The ExoHand speed up your rehabilitation process in an affordable, easy and comfortable way.

It flexes and extends your hand more than 1600 times in an hour.


The exoskeleton has been designed thinking of all the patients that will use it, that is why the ExoHand is:

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to put on
  • Comfortable
  • Palm-free
  • Custom-made

Tailored for you

All of us have different hands' sizes, that's why the exoskeleton is designed and tailored for every patient. In this way you can feel an optimal comfort when using it.

The customization has been made possible thanks to a series of algorithms and equations created specifically for the ExoHand.

Rechargeable battery

The ExoHand has a battery that lasts between 2-3 hours when used in therapy mode and lasts longer in the other modes.


ExoHand Project was founded with only one thing in our mind:
Speed up the rehabilitation process of stroke survivors.

We want to empower you and we want you to go a step further in your rehabilitation. We firmly believe that robotic therapy is the future to improve and ensure a better quality life, but we also believe that this kind of technology should be approachable for anyone who needs it.

That's why we have worked hard to achieve an affordable, comfortable and portable device.


We've come a long way to help you on your rehabilitation

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